Many thanks to the folks at NERFA (North East Regional Folk Alliance) for an amazing 25th Anniversary Conference in Stamford, Connecticut. Thank you also to the Skyland Songwriters Guild, Trespass Music, The Legendary Godfrey Daniels, Access Film Music, and Acoustic Music Scene's O Canada for the showcase opportunities. Not only was it wonderful performing, but I came away so inspired by the amazing music, workshops, and community building opportunities. See you all next year!

<Performing in the Godfrey Daniels Showcase 
                                  Noel Paul Stookey (from Peter, Paul, and Mary)



Acoustic Music Scene's O Canada Showcase

Meeting up with friends (Piper and Carson, Madeleine Roger, and Alice Hasen)

In the Godfrey Daniels Room with Benjamin Dakota Rogers >

                                                 With Benjamin Dakota Rogers