I hope this post finds you safe, healthy, and sane wherever you may be. As we struggle to find meaning in these difficult times, let us keep our hearts open, and our hopes alive.   Despite the suffering and loss, I believe we now have an opportunity to forge a positive new beginning. 

Perhaps the dawning of a new age, a kinder, gentler, and more compassionate relationship with our selves, our fellow human beings, our fellow creatures, and Mother Earth is at hand. 

Like my fellow musicians, the gig cancellations continue to roll in, and I find myself struggling for ways to remain connected to you - my dear friends and fans. 

Thankfully, the veritable explosion of online performances is testimony to our ability as performers and audiences alike to thrive as a musical community. 

Sadly, venues that present live music have few options, with an already dwindling number of folk and roots presenters facing further pressure and risk of closing. 

I hope to help by performing an online concert for each cancelled show, with proceeds of ticket sales shared with each venue that had to cancel. 

I am still working out the logistical details, but hope to have those worked out soon.  Thank you for your kind attention and continued support. Stay safe and stay kind. 

Love, Peace, and Music Always, Ken