Just back from my first FAR-West (Folk Alliance International's Western Region) Conference in Los Angeles. Their catchphrase is #farwestconnects, and the weekend certainly lived up to that. From the get go, I was made to feel welcome, and included in this wonderful musical community. Being awarded five late night showcases meant performing until the wee hours of the morning. Thankfully, I had no trouble sleeping 'til noon!

The opportunity to perform before audiences comprised of booking agents, venues, media, etc. was definitely a big part of the conference. However, FAR-West was much more than that to me. I was quite simply blown away by the incredible musical talent being presented. One of the highlights was a chance to meet and hear one of my early folk music inspirations, Eric Andersen!  At 75, he is as inspiring, relevant, and soulful as ever. 

But, in the end, it was the relationships that I began building with fellow members of this folk community that I will treasure for years to come. #farwestconnects indeed!

 With Eric Andersen

Playing at Canada CabinEric & Sari Andersen with Scarlett Rivera