Sorry folks, we are POSTPONED! Stay tuned for the future date !!

I am looking forward to opening for Toronto-based singer-songwriter SHAWNA CASPI at this lovely venue on the shores of Georgian Bay!

Toronto-based singer-songwriter SHAWNA CASPI takes her time crafting lyrics that are poetic and meaningful, often using unusual rhymes and surprising turns of phrase. She spent years on the road playing solo shows at festivals and in concert halls, train cars, backyards, and living rooms, supporting her warm, clear voice with intricate fingerstyle guitar accompaniment, and drawing energy from shifting landscapes and long drives through Canada and the United States. After taking a break from the road to rest, reflect, and write, Shawna returns with her fifth album, Hurricane Coming, a collection of raw, deeply personal songs set against a backdrop of colourful cinematic soundscapes. Shawna also created a series of abstract paintings inspired by the songs on the album, seamlessly combining her work as a musician and visual artist.

Tempered by experience and fueled by passion, KEN DUNN’s music sneaks into your feet, heart, and soul. Distilling disparate life experiences into a proficient set of musical skills, his unique songs and stories take audiences on a healing journey of love and self-discovery.

With decades of touring and ten critically acclaimed albums to his credit, Ken writes, performs, and records with the intention of promoting peace, social, and environmental justice. Alternatively light-hearted and pensive, contemporary, yet infused with tradition, this is music focused on positive human values, with diversity and inclusivity at its core.

$30, $25 for MSC Members