I wrote this tune about one of the most beautiful places that I have ever seen.

When living in Massie, Ontario I would frequently cycle or hike through the beautiful hills of Strathavon (a.k.a. Strathaven), overlooking the Bighead River Valley.

The song is based on historical records and local folklore, and tells the tale of a young woman's demise after plummeting from a cliff in the area.

I recorded the song on my 2017 album "Wondrous Beauty". Words and Music © 2015 Ken Dunn (SOCAN, ASCAP).

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I am home among the cedars / those arbor vitae greener / than the hills of Strathavon 
Where my love and I did wander / like rolling rivers under / that full moon rising high 


And her kisses they grew sweeter / our love, it knew no fear /when the song of spring arrived 
But this world it could not keep her / she fell,  then fell deeper /down that mountain side 


And I knew I could not save her / for the ice was on the river/ and the snow banks / way too high 
But when I get to dying / you know I will be smiling /for to see my true lover’s eyes