I am thrilled to report that my new album "Wondrous Beauty" has been listed as one of the top Canadian folk albums of 2017, sharing the #44 spot with Amelia Curran's “Watershed", Oh Susanna's "A Girl In Teen City”,  "Hobo Jungle Fever Dreams” by Corin Raymond, Jayme Stone's Lomax Project, and  "The Newpart” by April Verch.  Good company, indeed!

Many thanks to Richard Gillman for tirelessly compiling these reports for Folk DJ-L for so many years. I wish you a very happy and enjoyable retirement. And thanks to Vic Bell for continuing the hard work.  

Of course, thank you to all of the Folk DJ's across Canada, the U.S., and abroad for playing the album, and to my wonderful team at Trespass Music in both Canada (Michelle Fortier) and the U.S. (Larry Ahearn).

Finally, none of this would have been possible without my bandmates, Anna Green, Tyler Beckett, Randy Martin, Mark Mariash, Ben Grossman, and Jacob McCauley. And to recording engineers Randy Martin, Sacha Fassaert, and Ron Chilton. And to the wonderful photography of Libby Hunter, which certainly had a role to play.