Continuing along with my archive series, here is the title tune from my 2016 album "The Great Unknown". This song, subtitled "Ballad of the Unknown Folk Singer", was inspired by some of my lonelier times on the road -those times when I would take the stage only to find one or two souls in the audience, or a last minute cancellation after travelling for hours through a snow storm... well, you get the picture. But, as Garnet Rogers told me once, "never complain about being able to do what you love". And so, this song is really a celebration and is indeed filled with immense gratitude. Don't forget to subscribe to my channel, comment, like, unlike, etc. In addition, you can send me a tip at to feed my soul. Love, peace, and happy listening! Words and Music © 2016 Ken Dunn (SOCAN, ASCAP) #kendunnmusic #trespassmusic #thegreatunknown #folkmusic