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  1. Wild and Free

WILD AND FREE (3:11) - A song of gratitude and a final plea for peace and justice

Ken Dunn - vocals, acoustic guitar
Anna Green - vocals
Tyler Beckett - fiddle
Randy Martin - bass
Mark Mariash - drums, percussion


I’ve got a place to sleep at night, I’m being blessed by the light I wish all had that right
Ohya,ohya,ohohohya, Ohya,ohya,ohohohya
Put and end to these wars, we don’t need them anyway Ah killing, it’s all the same
Ohya,ohya,ohohohya, Ohya,ohya,ohohohya
I know that its hard to see, beyond this misery All life, wild and free
Ohya,ohya,ohohohya, Ohya,ohya,ohohohya
Make a place for you and me, love is our destiny Oh love, oh love, you hawk and dove