LONGER BIO (400 Words)

Renowned for his ability to weave melodies that resonate with the soul, Ken Dunn is a musical storyteller whose craft goes beyond entertainment. Hailed as "highly evocative and intriguing" by fRoots in the UK, his music is a transformative journey that seamlessly integrates with the very fabric of human emotions. No Depression in the USA aptly observes that Ken's music "sneaks into your feet, heart, and soul," offering a profound connection to the listener.

Ken Dunn's musical odyssey is a celebration of the folk tradition, underscored by integrity and sincerity, as noted by Chart in Toronto. His songs, whether delving into the depths of human emotion or advocating for social and environmental justice, are lauded for providing "refreshing insight into human complexities" by the Festival of Friends in Hamilton. CFMU Radio in Hamilton describes them as "filled with the human spirit," showcasing Ken's profound ability to communicate through the universal language of music.

The essence of Ken's artistic prowess lies in the marriage of adept fingerstyle acoustic guitar techniques and "strong, distinctive vocals," a combination praised by R2 in Dublin. His songwriting has been celebrated as "brilliant" by Hemifran in Sweden, creating a musical landscape that resonates with positivity and hope. Drawing comparisons to the likes of Neil Young by Roots Time in Germany, Ken's performances are characterized by an engaging stage presence, a delightful sense of humor, and captivating storytelling.

Ken often collaborates with partner Anna Green, whose vocal harmonies add an ethereal dimension to their live performances. Together, they create an atmosphere that transcends entertainment, emphasizing the transformative power of music in connecting hearts and fostering a sense of community.

As a veteran Canadian folk singer-songwriter with over three decades of experience, Ken Dunn's musical journey has taken him to countless venues across Canada, the U.S., and Central America. From concert halls to festivals and cafes, he has shared stages with folk and roots icons, including Jerry Jeff Walker, Willie P. Bennett, Valdy, and Garnet Rogers.

Beyond the stage, Ken's commitment to social and environmental justice is evident in the numerous benefit concerts he has performed, supporting charities such as the Harry Chapin Food Bank, Amnesty International, Playing For Change, and LA Family Housing. His music becomes a catalyst for change, transcending entertainment to create a positive impact on the world.

Ken has released 10 albums featuring collaborations with some of Canada's finest studio musicians. The list includes Dennis Pendrith, Dean Drouillard, Mark Mariash, Ben Grossman, Randall Hill, and Roly Platt. These recordings have not only received critical acclaim but also garnered extensive airplay and found placements in film scores.

His latest endeavour, "Anthology Volume 2," released to radio worldwide by Art Menius Music in April 2023, stands as a testament to Ken's enduring dedication to his craft. Currently touring in Ontario, Canada, Ken Dunn continues to share his musical gifts, weaving a tapestry of healing, compassion, and community development through the power of his heartfelt melodies and socially conscious lyrics.