Here is a collection of quotes culled from reviews by music critics, radio stations, and festivals, describing my songwriting, recordings, and live performances. Of course, these are just the good ones!


"A look back at the 25 years this Canadian folkie has been at it, he has those old soul qualities that make it seem like he's been at it longer. There's protest music, touches of classical into folk, singer/songwriter and more moods and modes. Going at it like a well seasoned journeyman, this is going to hit the target for anyone that wants some folk from a road warriors perspective."

- Chris Spectre, MIDWEST RECORD, Chicago

"A mix of poignant folk tunes, toe-tappers, and storytelling from a memorable performer who uses his vocal with sincerity, has good musical instincts, and a diverse ability to sound interesting. 

A cohesive package. The quality is impressive and the live tracks sound as if they were recorded in a studio.  

The songs are from varied albums and years. So I’m not certain how that qualifies it as one of the best for 2022. But it is."



"If you're lucky enough to have a back yard or a quiet deck or a piece of nature to hang out in during isolation time, this new music from Ken Dunn sure is a lovely soundtrack."

- Heather Kitching, Roots Music Canada

"The world would benefit greatly from listening to Ashes In The Morning right now. Dunn’s peaceful, eloquent display of wordplay and music in a time with so much strife is the sort of positivity, inclusiveness and compassion that we could all use more of."

- Tom Haugen, Take Effect Reviews, USA 

"This is an album for the true folk lover. Ashes in the Morning is thought-provoking and authentic to the highest degree, and an indicator that not all of the great classic folk music is behind us...John Prine meets Gordon Lightfoot meets Bob Dylan."

- The Ark of Music, USA

"a beautiful and thought-provoking work"

Bob Smith, The Static Dive, USA

 "a phenomenal album that deserves the highest recognition"

- Jimmy Rae, Skope Magazine, USA

"A sincere effort by an engaging troubadour." 

- John Apice, Americana Highways

"A very inspiring album"

- Remo Ricaldone, Planet Country, Italy (in Italiano)

"A stentorian voiced folkie finding strength by speaking truth"

- Chris Spectre, Midwest Record Review, USA


"An urgent storyteller, Ken Dunn has a big heart for peace and justice.  He writes his songs with a firm belief that love and understanding can save the world, songs that are intensely crammed with positive convictions. Completely solo and peeled off, they shine, and leave such impact that there is absolute silence in the room."

- Tom Arvidsson, Thirsty Boots, Sweden


"Ken Dunn must have that song catcher soul to have such tradition in his musical mind. This new ten track LP brings you back to earth and cleans out your ears with moments of “Wondrous Beauty” for sure. Dunn’s very John Prine-influenced performance also forays into the stylings of folk-legends like Tom Rush, Tom Paxton, David Ackles and John Hartford. A stew of wonderful notes stirred perfectly, it sneaks into your feet, heart, and soul." 

John Apice, No Depression, USA

"Ken Dunn keeps on surprising. His music is like honey to me - I love it!

- Fred Schmale, Real Roots Cafe, The Netherlands

Wondrous Beauty is an acoustic album from a troubadour who understands the art of presenting unique and contemporary folk music based on traditional and Celtic influences.

 Last year, together with his band Gypsy Starfish, Ken Dunn released "The Great Unknown", an album featuring a beautiful mix of acoustic and electric folk songs. As such, we looked forward to the next album by this contemporary Canadian troubadour. That album is "Wondrous Beauty", acoustic and contemporary, yet firmly rooted in traditional folk, with the occasional Celtic twist. 

The album features the sublime vocal harmonies of both Ken and partner Anna Green, as well as an instrument mix comprised of Ken's acoustic guitar, Anna's keyboard, Tyler Beckett's prominent and striking fiddle, as well as hurdy gurdy, bodhran, bass, and drums. Thematically, the focus ranges from love songs, such as "Saskatoon" and "Hold On" to the calls for social and environmental justice found on "Wondrous Beauty" and "On My Merry Way". The Celtic influences are found most strongly on the instrumental tunes, such as the playful "Tales of Wandering" featuring spot on instrumental control.  

In sum, with "Wondrous Beauty", Ken Dunn once again has a wonderful, restful album behind his name. Contemporary, yet traditional folk featuring two formidable voices, backed by a powerful fiddle performance.

- Lambert Smits, Keys and Chords, Belgium

"Canadian folk-rock singer-songwriter Ken Dunn should be extremely pleased with his seventh recording "Wondrous Beauty." 10 great songs allow plenty of time for suspense while sometimes drawing the listener into a meditative mood. 

"Wondrous Beauty" is an acoustic album penned by the hand of a troubadour who dispenses with the usual stereotypes in his lyrics. The songs are about real people, real emotions, and the personal desire for social and environmental justice. 

Deeply rooted in traditional folk, earthy roots and enriched with a pinch of Celtic music, Ken Dunn's work enchants with contrasts: sometimes rough, sometimes gentle, mostly full of melancholy, but also joy, pain, tragedy, darkness, and love. 

Ken has also succeeded in leaving a lot of room for his captivating voice, even as his own producer of this work, and is only occasionally supported by singing partner Anna Green. Dunn acts sensitively and differentiates purposefully. 

On the whole, "Wondrous Beauty" is a sensitive work that rewards multiple listening, and the discovery of ever new facets throughout." 

- Max Achatz, Country Jukebox, Munich, Germany

"Strong Canadiana with vision... and true conviction, Ken Dunn's lyrics spread hope, and a stubborn belief in humanity, despite all the darkness around.”

- Tom Arvidsson, Thirsty Boots, Sweden

"I fell in love with Ken Dunn’s lovely languid singing voice and thoughtful songwriting on his fabulous 2015 album “The Great Unknown”. His wonderful new album “Wondrous Beauty,” (his seventh,) is the start of a whole new relationship with his music. 10 new well-crafted Ken Dunn songs - with some really nice harmonies from partner and keyboard player Anna Green, some great fiddle from Tyler Beckett, and a lovely understated production from Ken himself. I’m loving it! Can’t wait to hear these new songs played live."

Jan Hall – Folk Roots Radio with Jan Hall 

“With Ken's charming voice, great songs, and really superb arrangements, Wondrous Beauty sounds easy and true. Perfect by the fireplace, it is a simple, but so authentic pleasure!”

- Mike Penard - American Roots Music, Radio ISA, France

"A collection of 10 well crafted, reflective, and beautifully arranged songs revealing the passion of a modern day troubadour. Ken's desire for social and environmental justice and his personal experiences with faith, love, and all that life offers are at the forefront of this album, in all of its myriad colour and texture. Contemporary, with hints of traditional folk and dashes of Celtic flare, Ken Dunn weaves magic with this pure Canadiana collection, capturing the spirit and positive messages within each song."

 - Michelle Fortier, Trespass Music

"An exquisite slice of beautifully played, thoughtful folk"

-Jan Hall, Folk Roots Radio

"Ken Dunn is a great asset to the folk music world. He has released an intriguing CD which presents a unique conceptualization of folk... pleasantly quirky and mature with great songs and great arrangements"

-Fred Schmale, Real Roots Cafe, Netherlands

"Dunn showcases his gift for writing songs on a range of topics, from the gentle and emotional love song My Beating Heart to the environmental warnings of Fukushima Nightmares... if you like your music thought-provoking, step this way."  

- Helen Thomas, Maverick Magazine, UK

"Ken Dunn's singing is unconventionally attractive, his arrangements clear as a bell, and everything grows on you as a listener... a really good disc... and worthy of praise in great proportions"

 - Tom Arvidsson, Thirsty Boots, Sweden

"Ken Dunn delights his decades old fan base with this collection of...personal and quite touching songs. In the foreground... is Dunn's incomparable voice, and his brilliant acoustic finger-picking..."  

Country Jukebox, Munich, Germany

“Compulsory listening…’The Great Unknown’ is a beautiful album…typified by calm and penetrating songs”

– Rootsville, Belgium

"Dunn has built a reputation for original and thoughtful song arrangements"

- Paul McGee, Lonesome Highway, Dublin, Ireland

"Breezy, easy going Americana folk rock... a fine album for folk fans who don't mind a bit of full band rock now and again."

- David Hintz, Folk World, Germany

"With its special easy listening and airy feel 'The Great Unknown' will please many folk music lovers and gain Dunn new fans"

- Lambert Smits, Keys & Chords, Belgium

"Originals that straddle the hinterland...between roots, folk and country rock, in the company of his mighty Gypsy Starfish band...Ken's songs are always worth listening to"

David Kidman, FATEA Magazine, UK

"Brilliant songwriting!"

- Peter Holmstedt, Hemifran, Sweden

"for roots lovers, and totally worth it!" 

- Muziekwereld, Amsterdam

"very personal and emotional folk-based songs" 

- Wolfgang Giese, Musik an Sich, Germany

"Ken Dunn has a penchant for conceiving folk Americana music that's both unconventional and classic at the same time, and his new album 'The Great Unknown' is a prime example of this faculty for original expression"

- Akademia Music Awards, Los Angeles


"Highly evocative and intriguing" -fRoots, UK

"Music filled with the human spirit" -CFMU Radio, Canada

"Strong, distinctive vocals" -R2, Dublin

 "The folk tradition with integrity and sincerity" -Chart, Canada

"Ken Dunn and his Absence of Light... a darkness shared is never as dark! Suddenly I feel a lot better..."
-Tom Arvidsson, Thirsty Boots, Sweden