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  1. Wondrous Beauty

WONDROUS BEAUTY (2:48) - A song about the importance of opening one’s heart to love, despite the challenges life presents to us on a daily basis

Ken Dunn - vocals, acoustic guitar
Anna Green - vocals, piano
Tyler Beckett - fiddle
Randy Martin - bass
Mark Mariash - drums


Take me with you when you go, wrap your arms around me in the driving snow I know that its all been said before, there's a price that must be paid
I know that its all been done before, and I hope its not too late
I’ve been lost in a sea of pain, wandering a world gone insane I’ve been waiting for a heart that beats, and a mind that can be free I’ve been waiting for these eyes to see all the wondrous beauty
So take it gently, take it slow, there is only one thing to know Live in love, it is the only way, never too late to start Live in love, it is the only way, you must open your heart