1. Mighty Shore

From the recording The Great Unknown

A straightforward country rock tune with a full band. You might wonder about a track that begins with "God bless America"... well, I wrote this song about my time playing music in California... pursuing and ultimately abandoning my own version of the American Dream... Features Anna Green (harmony vocal), Dean Drouillard (ec. guitar), Randy Martin (bass), & Mark Mariash (drums).



God bless America / land of the free / Home of the brave / And those L.A. angels too. 
God bless America /  land of the dream / over it seems / I'm washed up on your mighty shore.


Headed down the Cali coast  / redwood forest and live oak/ Mendocino's on my way. 
Then down by the bay / picking and grinning every day / good bye to my Golden gate. 


Well I played in Monterey / In Santa Cruz I lost by way /   You know that I lost my way.
Big Sur you stole my heart / had to love you from the start / you know that I loved you from the start.


Then Down by Paso way / got a chance to sing / and  play / among those Cambria Pines. 
Settled on the old slo coast. Avila, I miss you most /   You know That I miss you most


Ventura to Ojai / Venice Beach you ought to try / You know you really ought to try
On San Diego radio / All the way down to Mexico / bienvenido a Mexico