Ken Dunn’s music "sneaks into you feet, heart, and soul."        - No Depression

Distilling disparate life experiences into a proficient set of musical skills, Ken's unique songs and stories take audiences on a healing journey of love and self-discovery. With decades of touring and nine critically acclaimed albums to his credit, Ken writes, performs, and records with the intention of promoting peace, social, and environmental justice. Alternatively light-hearted and pensive, contemporary, yet infused with tradition, this is music focused on positive human values, with diversity and inclusivity at its core.



Well, it was a stormy October day, and the Canada Geese were heading south.  Seemed like the perfect time to add this instrumental tune to my archive series. I wrote it a few years ago, but could not come up with a name for it, until sitting around the fire, listening to the geese overhead while playing my new Boucher Bluegrass Goose (!) guitar.

Many thanks to Robin Boucher for building such a fine instrument, and to Mark Pongetti at The Acoustic Room in Hamilton, Ontario for helping get one into my hands.

Stay warm, safe, and sane everyone! And... if you're a Canada Goose flying south, do take care!

 #kendunnmusic #trespassmusic #boucherguitars #theacousticroom #canadagoose


Continuing along with my archive series, here is the title tune from my 2016 album "The Great Unknown". This song, subtitled "Ballad of the Unknown Folk Singer", was inspired by some of my lonelier times on the road -those times when I would take the stage only to find one or two souls in the audience, or a last minute cancellation after travelling for hours through a snow storm... well, you get the picture. But, as Garnet Rogers told me once, "never complain about being able to do what you love". And so, this song is really a celebration and is indeed filled with immense gratitude. Don't forget to subscribe to my channel, comment, like, unlike, etc. In addition, you can send me a tip at to feed my soul. Love, peace, and happy listening! Words and Music © 2016 Ken Dunn (SOCAN, ASCAP) #kendunnmusic #trespassmusic #thegreatunknown #folkmusic



Continuing my archive series on YouTube, here is another tune for your enjoyment. This one was originally recorded on my 2016 album "The Great Unknown".  Ostensibly about homelessness, it is more generally about the need for us all to stay by each other's side, especially in times of darkness.

For those who might like to follow along, here are the lyrics:

STAY BY MY SIDE  Words and music by Ken Dunn © 2016 

An old man in the dawn, just a running from the wild dogs 

In the mist of Marrakesh, you thank your Djellaba for your flesh 

CHORUS: Stay by my side, won’t you stay by my side ?  (x4)

An old woman all alone, with a shopping cart - her own 

She’s the mother of the street, not someone that you wanna meet 


Put a twenty in the ladies jar, slipped away into my car 

Texting on my new iPhone, hashtag honey I’m a coming home 


Passing by that electric gate, where my cottage awaits 

It’s just another day, before the people have their say 





It's been a while since I posted a new video, so here's hoping you enjoy this one! I finally got some semblance of a studio set up in our new home near Owen Sound, Ontario. Pretty basic, but great for doing 'live' recordings. 

I wrote "Come Back Joni" in honour of Joni Mitchell, as well as the ancestral peoples of British Columbia's Sunshine Coast. It was written in B.C. during a particularly bad fire season, not far from Joni's long time Canadian home near Half Moon Bay. Her spirit is embedded in the land and peoples of this region. 

"Come Back Joni" is available on my last album "Ashes in the Morning" and features Mark Mariash on drums and percussion, Randy Martin on bass, Anna Green on harmony and backing vocals, Ben Grossman on hurdy gurdy, and Tyler Beckett on fiddle.

Stay safe and be kind everyone!



Many thanks to Gerry Goodfriend, host of Folk Directions at CKUT 90.3 FM in Montreal (every Thursday morning 9-11 am ET on CKUT and the web) for these three archived shows from May 2020. This first episode from May 7 features music by Gretchen Peters, Bill Garrett & Sue Lothrup, Rose Cousins, Stan Rogers, Pharis & Jason Romero, along with yours truly, and many others.




Tune in this Thursday, November 5 at noon ET. I will be featured on Ron Olesko's "Artist in Residence" series on Folk Music Notebook. There will also be an “encore” broadcast at 6pm ET and again at midnight and 6am ET on Friday morning, November 6. 



I remain awestruck as this tiny microbe continues to transform civilization as we know it. Here in the relatively safe confines of my home studio, music continues to nourish my aching soul and keep the flame of hope alive. 

My intention in creating this new video archive series is to catalogue the songs that I have written over the past several decades in live, intimate, solo performances. I hope you find some worthwhile connection in these creations. Love and peace to you all!

First up is the first song on my most recent album "Ashes in the Morning"... It's called "King High Tide"...




I hope this finds you all, my dear friends and fans, safe and sound as we continue to navigate these difficult waters together. Anna, Louie, and I have moved back to Ontario and settled into homesteading, missing our life in B.C. but grateful for the opportunity to be closer to our families, and enjoying the comfort of our home province.

Given the cancellation of all touring, and the decided lack of work in general, I am spending my days with loved ones and re-acquainting myself with the art of organic gardening. Growing our own food has been a meditative experience, nurturing not only body, but soul as well.

I am forever grateful for the wonderful reception that Ashes in the Morning has received since its debut in May. To everyone who has purchased a copy, tuned in via streaming or radio, to the DJs who have kept me in their playlists and on the charts, and to the reviewers who have introduced me to their audiences - Thank You !! 

Respite from the road has inspired a flow of musical creation and a renewed appreciation for the impact that this gift called music has had on my life. I am also embracing this opportunity to learn about, and nurture community via the online world more. As a result, I've been working on a new video series which I will share with you in the coming months.

Once again, thank you for your continued support. It is appreciated more than you might imagine. Best wishes for your continued health, safety, and happiness. Redemption is just beyond the hairpin turn ahead.



Here's hoping everyone is safe and sound out there! I sure do miss performing live, but I'm so grateful for the response "Ashes in the Morning" has been getting on the airwaves! Many thanks to everyone who has purchased the album, live streamed on iTunes or Spotify, and all the supportive Folk DJs out there!  Check out "Ashes in the Morning" here

2020-2021 U.S. TOUR CANCELLED !! 

At present, the Canada-U.S. border remains closed to non-essential traffic (including us poor musicians)!  Unfortunately, given the circumstances, I will not be able to secure my U.S. work visa for 2020-2021.  

It is therefore with a heavy heart that I must cancel my upcoming 2020-2021 U.S. tour in support of my new album "Ashes in the Morning".  

On the plus side, I am looking forward to producing an online concert series over the next year, and have a number of radio shows lined up.

Let us all hope for a brighter future with the joy of live music ringing in our ears, and hugs all round!  

Peace, Love, and Music, Ken 


Good Karma will surely follow you all of your days 🎶💕☮

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Previous events


The Living Room Coffee House, 33 Valley Road, Mason, NH

Now in its eleventh year, The Living Room Coffeehouse at the Mason Congregational Church in Mason, New Hampshire is a monthly community event that features an ever-changing mix of area musicians, poets, and spoken word artists. I was looking forward to being the feature performer, bringing musical love to this wonderful community! However, due to Covid-19 I was unable to obtain my U.S. work visa for 2020-2021.


Nickle City Frets, 83 Main Street, Akron, NY

I was looking forward to joining the great Buffalo singer/songwriter and host Davey O., along with Alan Whitney, and Chris Bethmann for this in-the-round edition of "Nickel City Sessions" at Nickel City Frets. Another gig gone viral, so to speak.

Folk Music Notebook

Tune in this Thursday, November 5 at noon ET. I will be featured on Ron Olesko's "Artist in Residence" series on Folk Music Notebook. There will also be an “encore” broadcast at 6pm ET and again at midnight and 6am ET on Friday morning, November 6. TUNE IN HERE:

Whitevale, Ontario - COVID-19 CANCELLATION

Whitevale, Ontario

Well, this was sad news, but not surprising. Anna and I were hoping to return to this wonderful festival in the charming hamlet of Whitevale, not far from Toronto. But alas, another Covid-19 casualty! Fingers crossed for next year!


WTSR Radio, Ewing, NJ

I was looking forward to being live in the studio on Peter Kernast's Legacy program at WTSR in Ewing, NJ the day after my concert at the 1867 Sanctuary. A phone-in interview might be a possibility. Tune in to 91.3 in NJ or listen live at


1867 Sanctuary Arts and Culture Center, 101 Scotch Road, Ewing, NJ

I was looking forward to performing at this wonderful venue, a majestic stone building in suburban Ewing, NJ which has stood for 150 years as a central landmark in the township. The 1867 Sanctuary at Ewing, as it is now known, is still a beautiful gathering place, and is currently being maintained and cared for by Preservation New Jersey (PNJ). The virus had other plans. Hoping to do an online show instead.

Cave Junction, Oregon - COVID-19 CANCELLATION

KXCJ Radio, Cave Junction, Oregon

Sorry folks, another COVID-19 Cancellation. I was to perform a live on-air show, thanks to Mara Lambert, host of "The O'Brien Girl" folk show on KXCJ Radio. Due to the pandemic, Mara's show is off the air for the foreseeable future. If the show is back on the air by July 18, I'll try to do a phone in. We all look forward to your return Mara!


Arts Council of Princeton, 102 Witherspoon St, Princeton, NJ

I was looking forward to being in Princeton, NJ to join the roster for this show at the Princeton Arts Council's Cafe Improv, which was to be videotaped and broadcast on Princeton's TV30. Let's just say that the virus had other plans. Hoping to arrange an online show instead. Stay tuned for details!


The Listing Loon, 4124 Hamilton Avenue, Cincinnati, OH

Unfortunately, due to the continued Canada-U.S. border closure due to Covid-19, I regretfully have to cancel this show.

A cool bar with a mellow ambiance & nightly live music, plus bottles of wine & craft beer to go, The Listing Loon is where I would have been spreading my musical message of love and peace. When it re-opens, please support this awesome venue for the "earliest show in Northside" Cincinnati!

Thornbury, Ontario - COVID-19 CANCELLATION

House Concert, Thornbury, Ontario

Anna and I were looking forward to our Thornbury return, and another intimate house concert this spring thanks to the amazing hospitality of MaryJane McCrae! Alas, a tiny virus has forced the province into a state of emergency well beyond the concert date. However, I am planning a series of online concerts. Stay safe everyone!

Brandon, Manitoba - COVID-19 CANCELLATION

Lady of the Lake, 1608 Park Avenue, Brandon, Manitoba

I was going to be heading across Western Canada in the spring with a stop at this sweet spot in beautiful Brandon, Manitoba! Alas, a little virus had other plans. Instead, I will be putting together a series of online shows. Stay safe, everyone!

Windsor, Ontario - Online

MacKenzie Hall, 3277 Sandwich Street, Windsor, Ontario

Windsor Folk's Acoustic Stage continues during the pandemic as an online Home Version which will be broadcast on their FB page. Stay tuned for details.

I was born and raised in Windsor, so it's always great when I have an opportunity to return home to visit family and play music! Thank you Windsor Folk! Love you!