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It's been an eventful winter, navigating the nomadic lifestyle with my family in our camper van, traversing the diverse landscapes of America. While I've occasionally performed at small venues, I've primarily taken a break from live shows, a hiatus that's proven both rejuvenating and enriching. This period has allowed me to rediscover some of my earlier compositions, many of which had faded into the recesses of my memory. One of the downsides of crafting hundreds of songs over the span of several decades, I suppose. 

One rainy afternoon a few days ago, in Burnaby, B.C., I found myself revisiting a particular tune - the title track from my 2017 album, "Wondrous Beauty." I hope you enjoy it, and may your day be filled with wonder and beauty as well.


Well I must say that I am humbled by this latest review. Many thanks to Tom Arvidsson at Thirsty Boots in Sweden. Of course, it's in Swedish, but the English translation is further down.
In a nutshell: "There is a clarity and a conviction in Canadian Ken Dunn's music. Most songwriters would be proud to have such a strong treasure of songs to choose from. Ken has a big heart for peace and justice and he writes his songs with a firm belief that love and understanding can save the world". Let's hope so !!


Greetings, music enthusiasts! It's been an eventful summer, culminating in a unique twist of fate. Just as I wrapped up my Ontario tour, a curveball came my way in the form of a Medial Collateral Ligament (MCL) injury, sidelining me for what seems like an eternity. However, as luck would have it, I find myself convalescing in the sunny embrace of Florida, turning an unexpected hiatus into a period of reflection and creative exploration.

Amidst the challenges of recovery, I've discovered a silver lining that has allowed me to delve into creative projects I've long yearned to pursue. One such endeavor involves harnessing the power of new Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools to breathe new life into the production of video for my recorded material. These tools have opened up a realm of possibilities, and I've been diligently working on a series of videos for some of my compositions.

Today, I'm excited to share with you one of these creations – a video for my instrumental tune, "Dance of the Winter Fairies", which was recently re-released on Anthology, Volume 2. The enchanting melodies and visual elements come together in a symphony, capturing the essence of this magical piece. I hope it brings a touch of warmth to those in the northern climes, a reminder that even in the coldest of winters, music has the power to kindle the spirit. 

As the year winds down, my focus on these creative projects becomes a beacon of positivity. It's a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the ability to find inspiration even in challenging times. While I eagerly anticipate my return to live performances in the new year, I invite you to join me on this digital journey.

Thank you for your continued support and encouragement. Your positive energy fuels my recovery and propels me forward. Here's to the healing power of music and the promise of a new chapter in the coming year. Until then, stay tuned for more musical adventures and, hopefully, a swift return to the stage. Wishing you warmth and creativity wherever you are.

Yours in melody, Ken


Dear friends and music enthusiasts,

What an enchanting musical summer it has been, touring the beautiful province of Ontario, from the vibrant city of Ottawa to my charming home town of Windsor, and all the incredible points in between. From the Folk Music Ontario conference in London to the unforgettable moments spent with my talented friends Doug MacArthur and Ian Tamblyn in Quebec, this journey has truly been an experience I will always cherish.

I want to express my deepest gratitude to each and every one of you who graced my shows with your presence, your energy, and your love for music. Your support means the world to me, and it's what keeps the melodies flowing.

A special shout-out to Anna for her unwavering support, and for backing me up on several occasions, sharing in the magic of the music and the road. Your presence has been a blessing.

As we wrap up this incredible musical summer, I look back with a heart full of appreciation and forward with anticipation for more musical adventures to come. Time for a little R & R. Thank you for being a part of this journey, and let's keep the music alive.

With immense gratitude, Ken 🎶✨🚐

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As much as I love wandering across this continent playing music, it is always a special treat coming home to my home province of Ontario. As June begins to wind down, I would like to express my gratitude for the continuing support of fans, venues, and media, as I close in on the half way mark of this wonderful summer tour. Please check my upcoming shows as the tour continues until October. Hope to see you soon. And don’t forget, I would love to perform a house concert in your home town. As a special treat, Anna may continue to join me on several future dates 🎶💕 Stay tuned!


I am excited beyond belief !! Just over one year since the release of Anthology, Volume 1, I am thrilled to announce that Anthology, Volume 2 will be released to folk radio worldwide and all major streaming platforms on May 2 !!

My intention in releasing this record was to share a body of work spanning a period of 30 years that had only        been available on a limited basis due to a lack of resources.  Now in my 70’s, I wanted to ensure that these songs had an opportunity to reach a broader audience to do their healing work, because, as they say, carpe diem - there is no time like the present. 

Anthology Volume 2 features 18 carefully curated tracks, many of which are from studio and live recordings that were either unreleased or subject to limited distribution.

Thank you so much to the countless individuals who helped make this dream a reality, from the most amazing group of musicians, fans, friends, and family who have believed in me, especially my beloved Anna.

A special thank you to Michelle Fortier and Larry Ahearn at Trespass Music for their past support. I wish you both well on your pending retirement and the referral to Art Menius Radio for radio distribution of this release.



Well it's been quite the musical year, despite the vicissitudes of an unpredictable and tenacious virus. This is the first official video from Anthology, Volume 1, featuring the lead track If You're Lost. My wish is that it brings much hope and joy into your life as we enter the new year. Peace, love, and music always, Ken.


The Red Barn Brewing Company near Blenheim, Ontario is more than the name would suggest. The brain child of owner and visionary Denny Vervaet and family, "the barn" doubles as a community centre, hosting a variety of events, including live music.  It was an honour and pleasure to perform on their wonderful stage! 


Whitevale Porchfest 2022 is a wrap! Rising from the viral ashes, this wonderful grassroots festival returned in style with 25+ acts on six stages in this idyllic hamlet near Pickering, Ontario. Many thanks to visionary Mark Lowe, his hard working team, sponsors, and the residents of Whitevale. In addition to performing a one hour concert in front of an attentive audience, I had the pleasure of catching a number of amazing acts, including my new favourite- Sleeping Bees

Porchfests are annual music events held across the United States and in Canada on front porches. Started in Ithaca, New York in 2007, porchfest events bring local musicians and neighborhoods together to celebrate and create a sense of community.  


I recorded a series of videos at home on Georgian Bay's Sunset Beach during the summer of 2022. This first one features "Don't Believe", a song about maintaining faith, love, and hope in the face of negativity. I debuted this song at the Festival of Friends in Hamilton, Ontario almost 30 years ago and still find it a source of strength and encouragement! #folkmusic #georgianbay #kendunnmusic #trespassmusic


This fragile respite from the virus continues to cultivate immense gratitude for the opportunity to once again play live music for you. Many thanks to my fellow compatriots Karen Morand and Gillian Nicola and the incredible Klages clan who's vision and hard work continue to bring live music to the engaging community of Desboro. Thanks to Karen I am now stuck with a new nickname- Ken "The Krusher" 😳


Well, Anthology, Volume 1 has "dropped", as we like to say in the biz! Many thanks to my Trespass Music team of Michelle Fortier and Larry Ahearn, as well as Nick Austin at Indie Pool for getting the job done at lightening speed.

At last count, there were 37 individuals involved in the production of this album - amazing musicians, engineers, and producers whose hard work and talent laid down the foundation for me to stand on.

And thank YOU, my small but dedicated band of die-hard supporters for hanging in there through thick and thin, through the lockouts and lockdowns, quarantines, and quarells that have befallen us all these past few years.

If you had just ONE LAST QUESTION, what would it be?