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Here's a new video for Hold On - a track on my forthcoming album "Anthology, Volume 1" which will be released by Trespass Music on February 1, 2022.

The album is a retrospective anthology featuring the classical music sounds of my work with The Good Friday String Quartet, the  folk rock of Gypsy Starfish, duets with my partner Anna Green, as well as live solo guitar and dulcimer tracks.

This 20 track album is available as a digital download as well as CD on BandCamp and includes several previously unreleased, rare, and live recordings, as well as selections from many of my studio album releases over the past 25 years.

Remember, there is still a lot of beauty in this world, so Hold On everyone! 💕🎶🙏☮


I am thrilled to announce that my new album “Anthology, Volume 1” will be released by Trespass Music in Canada, the U.S., and Europe on February 1!    

From the classical music sounds of my work with The Good Friday String Quartet to the driving folk rock of my band Gypsy Starfish, duets with my love Anna Green and L.A. songstress Denny Kennedy, solo guitar and dulcimer tracks, live concert, radio, and TV shows, this 20 track anthology of my compositions includes several previously unreleased, rare, and live recordings, as well as selections from many of my studio album releases over the past 25 years. 

If you are looking for just one album which encompasses the depth and breadth of my work over the past quarter century, then this is the one to get! The album is available as a digital download or CD pre-order on BandCamp now!

May your life be filled with peace, love, and music always! Ken


Well, perhaps a bit amateurish, but here is my first attempt at a lip sync video. I’m slowly learning the intricacies of video editing software, green screens, and so forth. The song itself is a call to end violence in its myriad forms. Caution: Some viewers may find scenes disturbing. Viewer discretion advised. 

Many thanks to Michael G. Ronstadt on cello, Randy Martin on bass, and Mark Mariash on drums! 

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I love The Big Tomato, that is - Leamington, Ontario. As a teen, growing up in the nearby city of Windsor, I got a job picking those ruby red fruits destined to become Heinz ketchup ...but, alas, I digress.

Fast forward, and this old folksinger is returning to perform at the grand opening of the newly renovated Bank Theatre for the 98th iteration of Dale's Friday Coffee House.

Hope this tune from that show brightens your day, just a wee bit 💕🎶



It was so wonderful to perform at this year's NERFA (Northeast Regional Folk Alliance), and even though it was a virtual conference and festival, it felt so intimate and inspiring. Thank you to everyone who's hard work created such a success! Special thanks to Kellie Lin Knott who hosted my main stage open mic performance on Friday. 

Congratulations to my friend and mentor, the great composer, conductor, and multi-instrumentalist David Amram, recipient of a well-deserved lifetime achievement award! Hope to see everyone (in person) next year in Asbury, NJ. Peace, health, and happiness to all!


Hi Folks, Hope you are having a lovely day! The leaves are gently falling here on the shores of Georgian Bay and the air is crisp with anticipation of frost...

At the behest of some musical colleagues, I've finally set up a Bandcamp profile and released "Ashes in the Morning" on their site... I'd love your support, so please check out my Bandcamp HERE.

Peace, best wishes, and happy listening!


I wrote this tune about one of the most beautiful places that I have ever seen.

When living in Massie, Ontario I would frequently cycle or hike through the beautiful hills of Strathavon (a.k.a. Strathaven), overlooking the Bighead River Valley.

The song is based on historical records and local folklore, and tells the tale of a young woman's demise after plummeting from a cliff in the area.

I recorded the song on my 2017 album "Wondrous Beauty". Words and Music © 2015 Ken Dunn (SOCAN, ASCAP).

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I am home among the cedars / those arbor vitae greener / than the hills of Strathavon 
Where my love and I did wander / like rolling rivers under / that full moon rising high 


And her kisses they grew sweeter / our love, it knew no fear /when the song of spring arrived 
But this world it could not keep her / she fell,  then fell deeper /down that mountain side 


And I knew I could not save her / for the ice was on the river/ and the snow banks / way too high 
But when I get to dying / you know I will be smiling /for to see my true lover’s eyes